On a fairly regular basis we recommend the writings and teachings of Tim Keller to many of our students.  If the name is new to you, feel free to find out more about him here.  Over the last decade, Keller has offered a reliable, thoughtful and articulate take on many of the most complex and important issues of the Christian faith in the contemporary world.  In this brief lecture, he tackles head-on the issue of being single and being a Christian, something that has received far too little attention from within the church.  He helpfully situates a theology of singleness within a more encompassing theology of the Kingdom of God, and highlights the way in which this approach to being single is at odds with “traditional” models of the family, as well as with “modern” views of the individual.  It’s not too long (clocking in at around 30 minutes) and has much insight to be gleaned for singles and married alike!

(If you’re reading this via an email subscription and the video is not embedded, follow the link at the top to watch it via our blog)


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