By Joshua Chestnut

Today is the first of our winter term here in Southborough and in getting a few other things prepared for the immanent arrival of our students, I realized that I had overlooked posting two of the lectures that were given here last term.  Apologies to any who might have been waiting.

The first lecture was my own entitled: “Who Do They Say I Am: Considering Jesus in the ‘Gospels’ that Did Not Make it into the New Testament.” (link)  In this lecture I take a critical look at what have been referred to as “Non-Canonical” or “Gnostic” or “Apocryphal” gospels.  In these ancient accounts of the life and teaching of Jesus, we find a radically different take on Jesus than what we find in our New Testament.  While some scholars want to argue that these documents carried the same authority as the canonical Gospels in the early church, upon further inspection of the texts themselves, these arguments become hard to swallow.

The other lecture was given by Dick Keyes, called “Can I be Spiritual Without Being Religious?” (link).  In this lecture Dick, with wisdom and clarity, takes a critical look at a common sentiment among many people who somehow see any form of institution, and in particular religious ones, as being the very things which inhibits human and spiritual flourishing as opposed to making them possible.  It was a very helpful and clear lecture.

As our term gets under way here in Southborough be on the look-out for more posts!


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