We’ve already had some great public lectures this summer here in Southborough.  The kick-off lecture for out summer term was by one of this branch’s co-founders Mardi Keyes, who retold the story of L’Abri from its humble start in the Schaeffer family’s home in the Swiss Alps to the present day where L’Abri is an international fellowship of Christian community study centers across the globe, though Mardi paid particular attention to the history of the Southborough branch.  For anyone who wants to know about what exactly L’Abri is or how it started this is a wonderful talk.

Mardi Keyes – The L’Abri Story from Switzerland to Southborough

Our second lecture was by local pastor Doug Calhoun on the relationship between our “Father Wound” and our spiritual growth.  Doug has devoted a tremendous amount of thinking and studying to the many difficult questions around relationship between our families of origins and the way we engage with God.  The lecture sparked lots of helpful discussion around here.

Doug Calhoun – The Father Wound and Its Impact on Your Spiritual Journey

Our third lecture of the term was from our own Mary Frances Giles who gave us some really helpful insights into what it means to live with longings and desires.  Looking at ways that both our broader culture as well as the church have often given us overly simplistic, confusing or just plain unhelpful ways to think through our desires and longings Mary Frances offers some helpful reflections.

Mary Frances Giles – Living with Longing in a Fallen World

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