In this lecture, longtime L’Abri worker Mardi Keyes helpfully addresses many of the common, as well as some of the unexpected questions that arise for many people as they live in a world marked by evil and suffering.  Mardi deals with how the reality of evil in the world is not just theoretical and practical problem for those who believe in a good God, but is also, if not more so an issue for those who deny belief in such a God.  While some who delve into the murky waters of “the problem of evil” as though it were only or primarily a some sort intellectual issue to be resolved, Mardi helpfully shows how the problem of evil is not just a theological conundrum but is a pastoral and social reality as well.

The Problem of Evil


“What should I do with my life?”  “I want to do God’s will for my life, but I’m just not sure what it is.”  “What does God want me to do?”  Chances are that if you haven’t heard these words – or something like them – coming out of your own mouth, you’ve heard them come out of someone’s close to you.  Though these sorts of questions are nearly universal in the christian world, the simultaneous lack of clarity and the longing for certainty that many people feel around them can be both vocationally paralyzing and spiritually frustrating.  In this series of lectures Jim Paul, a long-time worker at the Greatham L’Abri tackles these problems head on offering in the first lecture a concise overview of how we have come to think about “decision making” the way we have (as well as the problems that come with this), a refreshing biblical explanation of how God makes his will known, and an exploration of making decisions in daily life.  Jim is a clear and competent communicator and these lectures in particular are regularly on our short-list.  They are highly recommended.

Lecture One – “Decision-Making Today

Lecture Two – “Understanding the Will of God

Lecture Three – “Decisions and Being Human