Most of the life lived here at L’Abri cannot easily be conveyed through a blog-post or website, and we are not attempting to do so.  Our intention with this blog is to connect our friends and whomever stumbles across this blog with some of the significant components of our life together here, be it helpful lectures, a book recommendation, or a tasty recipe.

We are happy to share these things with you, but we do so with full awareness that they are only a small portion of what the life shared together in this place is about.  Much of what we do, and what has had the greatest impact on people’s lives, can’t translate into the virtual world, so if you are able to, come and see us sometime.

All of the pertinent information about a visit, whether it is for one of our Friday public lectures or a longer stay as a student, is available at our website here. We are on a working break for the remainder of 2017, but we will be open again for students from January 11-March 29, 2018 and are currently accepting reservations for the winter term.


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